Behind the Seams

Aurélie Baudry Palmer is a French artist based in London, UK. After a career in academia and the museum sector, Aurelie set up her studio in 2018. Her warm and whimsical illustrations are painted by hand, using ink and watercolour. With a keen eye for observation, many of her paintings capture the joy and poetry of everyday life. Continuously inspired by her love for the arts, architecture as well as the natural world, Aurélie translates her observations in light-hearted and delicate drawings. She has designed collections for stationery products, luxury hotel groups and has collaborated with various brands and institutions in the UK, France and USA. Most recently, Aurélie designed and illustrated the 2022 Westminster Abbey Christmas Carol invitation for HRH The Princess of Wales. Her illustrations have been used in branding, pattern design and editorial and can be seen @homedrawn21

Tropical Chinoiserie - In The Artist's Words...

The inspiration for this illustration comes from our love for the natural world and its incredible beauty. To conjure up this sense of wonder, we thought of revisiting the delicate and evocative 'Chinoiserie' landscapes that were so fashionable in interior decor in Europe from the 17th century. Whilst incorporating some key features of these beautiful oriental designs, I reinterpreted them in a fun and lighthearted way. I kept some of the codes of the Chinoiseries with their birds, peacocks, ornate foliage and really wanted to convey a sense of life and richness to the scene as the eye wanders from one detail to the next. The idea was to depict a world bringing in deep colours as well as whimsical but elegant designs, something a little bit different from the motifs and pastel palette often used in baby clothes and accessories. 

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Under the Sea - In The Artist's Words...

This illustration was born out of a desire to capture another element of the natural world and dive into our blue planet's oceans. We wanted to keep this marine reef really calming and soothing and to that effect chose a beautiful palette of blues and greens with just a hint of deep Burnt Sienna. The fish play hide and seek amongst the kelp and the corals. No two details are the same and are painted in such a way that they can capture the eye and imagination of a child. It's an invitation to storytelling and exploration.

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